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**Store’s name can be anything you choose except what’s already in your existing business details. If you’re unable to choose a name, we will choose a trendy name for your store. Just leave the below field blank if you want us to choose a name for your store.

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Next, you have to add details of your active bank account. Provide the details of the bank account that you use for your business.

The money you make from online sales on EdiSchoolMart will be transferred to this bank account. Your account details are safe with EdiSchoolMart and will only be used to these process payments.

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Default GST rate or Product Tax Code (PTC) is the tax rate to each category as notified by the government. It is the percentage of taxes which is applicable on the sale of products or services under that category.

The default GST rate/ product tax code (PTC) will be used to calculate tax on your product listings where you do not select any tax code.

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